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May 17, 2005 02:08 AM

cooking with lactaid

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I've been trying to cook with lactaid milk lately, and how found it curdles at a pretty low temp. guess it's chemically different than regular milk. anyone else have experience with this?

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  1. It's not chemically different, they just pastuerize it at higher temp for shorter length of time to ultra-pastuerize the product, and they add the lactose stuff too, I guess.
    I used to buy lactaid only because it lasted so much longer than regular milk, but lately I've been buying goat milk which also has a long shelf life. I get it at my local chain supermarket, although I haven't found it all that many places . It is so much richer than any cow's milk, and is great to cook with. I am totally hooked on it.

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      Of course Lactaid milk is chemically different. And of course you know you can't have goat's milk. Lactaid adds the enzyme you are your loved one lacks--lactate--to the milk to break down the milk sugars your body can't. This is why it is curdling at a lower temperature. The digestion process starts in the container. Below is a the manufacture's website and they welcome questions such as yours. Click on the Ask The Expert's box and good luck.