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May 16, 2005 06:20 PM

favorite cooking magazine

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Am writing this as I have just subscribed and am disappointed with Cook's Country, the offshoot of Cook's Illustrated. I have over the years subscribed to Gourmet (both pre-Reichl and Reichl), Cooking Light, Eating Well and Cook's Illustrated. Gourmet is fun for browsing and daydreaming but I never really wanted to COOK from it, Cooking Light had disappointing recipes and used too many packaged products, Eating Well had interesting articles, but I was not inspired to cook much from it, blah blah blah. So what's everyone's favorite magazine to COOK from?

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  1. I used to love Bon Appetit, but I have had so much trouble with my subscription that it has ruined it for me. It's a constant battle just to get my magazine, emailing and calling every month just to badger them into sending it. Grrr.

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      I subscribe to Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country. CI is well written and interesting, though I don't think I've cooked much from it. Their product comparisons are useful, I think. I don't like the big format of CC, but it's very entertaining and the recipes I've tried have been very good to excellent.

      I get so much food info and so many receipes from the Internet that I don't have a desire to subscribe to more food-related magazines.

    2. What timing!
      I was just reviewing what subscriptions I wanted to renew this year.
      How about my top three?:
      1) Bon Appetit -- Sorry for your mailing issues, Cyndy! No problems here in Northern CA. Lots of variety and I *love* the gadgets column.
      2) Art Culinaire -- love the pictures, the ideas and find I refer regularly to even old versions. (link below)
      3) Cook's Illustrated -- I love the combination of science and cooking, even more so as I don't always agree with their results so it reinforces my own opinions.

      Link: http://www.getartc.com/

      1. I have recently suscribed to a magazine called "Cuisine At Home" and I am very pleased with it. Their recipes are great and they illustrate the steps of preparation. The dishes are not complicated and are very appealing (to me anyway). Some of the recipes are Hot Wings Wraps, Crab Rangoon with Pineapple-Chile Dipping sauce, Slow Roasted Chipotle Salmon with Pineapple Cilantro Rice. Their website is www.CuisineAtHome.com. Their toll free number is (800)311-3996. I don't remember the cost but I'm sure it wasn't much.

        1. I've stopped subscribing to anything but Saveur. I'm not that much of a recipe-follower - what I want is good tips and inspiration, and Saveur is teeming with both of those things. That said, my stack of back issues is constantly being dug into for those Tuscan beans, that fried chicken, the Cuban and Salvadorean stuff...

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            Yup, I'd have to go with Saveur too. Hands down my favorite...

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              For those looking for a cheap subscription to Saveur ---

              bestdealsmagazine.com has a 1 year sub for $4.69 (plus google coupons on the web and you can get another 15% off)

              Compare to magazines.com at $19.95

              No, I am not a shill, but it's nice to save a few bucks, especially on magazines. I've used this site in the past, so it's reputable enough. The only downside is that it takes a while (about 6 weeks) for the sub to kick in.

              FYI: I've gotten Gourmet here in the past for about 6 bucks, but it wasn't offered the last time I checked.

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                Pupster, the fine print for the $4.69 Saveur subscription on bestdealsmagazine.com says you'll receive promotional mail from the sponsor who subsidises the cost of the subscription - will I be inundated with junk mail if I sign up for this offer ?

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                  I don't think so. I don't remember any increase in junk mail. I don't get very much in general, so I think I would notice.

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                    If you are worried about junk mail, note that Saveur themselves are offering a year's subscription for $11.97. It may be just an offer for continung subscribers, but I bet if you called them they would extend it to you as well. That being said, they have sent me several notices of this offer - some might consider that annoying junk mail in itself!

            2. Fine Cooking, Fine Cooking, Fine Cooking! It's got the technical approach of Cook's Illustrated without the preachy pedantry, and their recipes are broader ranging and less fussy, to boot. Good wine reccomendations, always a feature on cooking technique, and enjoyable writing.

              I also love to read and occasionally cook from Saveur, which I think of as the National Geographic of cooking. I don't always find something I want to cook every month, but I save every issue, and some recipes have become permanent members of the recipe rotation.

              Finally, even though I hate all the advertising and the nouveau riche travel focus of many of Food and Wine's issues, I still like many of their recipes, as the cooking is straightforward and not too complicated, but always full of bright flavor and current food ideas and trends.

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                I agree with the above.

                I get Cook's Illustrated, and Fine Cooking, and must say that Fine Cooking is a better all-around magazine. Highly recommended.

                Saveur is a good read.