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May 15, 2005 09:53 AM

Baking gear in NYC--a find

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Since there are always cake and cake-decorating questions on this board, thought I'd share a fun discovery I made while walking around in NYC yesterday (on my way to Madison Square Park for a burger from the Shake Shack--mmmm!).

It's a shop called the New York Cake and Baking Center (I think that's the name--not sure if I have exactly right) and it has every tiny thing you could ever want for professional or amateur baking and display, from every shape and size of pans and a million pastry-bag tips and food colorings (liquid, paste, and powder) to whisks, bags of prefab icings and fondants, bulk Valrhona and Callebaut chocolate, jillions of cookie cutters, etc. Plus very comprehensive wedding-cake assemblage...all those pedestals and plastic brides-and-grooms (also sold separately, so you can do bride-and-bride or groom-and-groom) and such. Prices didn't seem particularly cheap, but the stock was very comprehensive.

Please note: I'm NOT connected with this place in any way, just thought it might be a useful source for baking 'hounds!

56 W. 22nd St, NY, NY, 212-675-2253. They also do mail order from


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    I love that place! They have every kind of chocolate mold you could ever want. They also have all kinds of sprinkles ("jimmies"?) for decorating cookies or whatever. It's fun just to look around too.

    1. I agree that this store has everything....including attitude and very poor customer service! I will do anything to avoid shopping here. Just one example: For a pastry class at ICE (right across the street) one of the students purchased a chocolate thermometer. When she arrived in class, she discovered that the teacher had purchased one for her so she immediately went back to NY Cake to return the thermometer. Although she had purchased it just 10 minutes prior, they refused to allow the return. This is typical of their service. I've purchased items there, off and on, for 20 years, but I much prefer to buy things via the internet. Better prices, too!