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May 13, 2005 08:15 PM

Kitchen Clambake- I'm doing salad...

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So I am going to a kitchen clambake and am in charge of bringing a salad, but would like to make something a little different. The clambake includes kielbasa, corn, potatoes, and then a variety of shellfish. Any ideas? I don't think that something sweet would work, and am stumped on a cheese that might work well. I would appreciate any suggestions....thanks!

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  1. Sounds like some green stuff is needed. How about a very simple, mostly lettuce green salad--say, butter lettuce, green leaf or romaine lettuce, watercress, maybe some chives--maybe some julienned jicama, or diced bell pepper (I'm partial to the red ones, but I know they're expensive), some capers--very thin slices of lemon, and a lemony vinaigrette?

    1. How about a vinaigrette slaw? Colorful, crunchy and with an acidity that cuts through the butter and luciousness of the lobster/clams, etc.