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May 13, 2005 07:57 PM

ground lamb follow-up- THANK YOU!

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Everyone had such wonderful ideas, I decided to freeze quarter-pound batches so I could try out as many of them as possible! As for last night, I decided to go with the lamb sausage idea since I had some fresh rosemary that I wanted to use up.

There was a slight mishap- I wanted to use some breadcrumbs soaked in milk to soften up the texture of the mixture. However, I accidentally put in some flavored breadcrumbs (instead of plain) that made the mixture WAY too salty.

As I scanned the fridge/cabinets for something to dilute the saltiness (other lamb was already frozen), I remembered the trick of adding potato to absorb excess saltiness in soup- and I happened to have some leftover boiled potatoes in the fridge...So I mashed 'em up (maybe 1:3 in proportion to meat) and mixed it in- wonderful results! Nice texture and still very "lamb-y"

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the generous sharing of ideas! Looking forward to trying them out!

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