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May 13, 2005 04:23 PM

party dessert help

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I need to make desserts for a birthday party in a bar for about 70. It has to be easily transportable, easily eaten, and not too time consuming to make (bonus if it can be made in advance). Some of my ideas: chocolate covered strawberries and dried apricots, toffee cake in a loaf pan from the CZ website (see URL), something chocolate made in mini-muffin tins, cookies.

Any other ideas? specific recipes? maybe a roll that can be put out in easy to eat slices?



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  1. How about purchasing pound cakes (or chinese honey cakes if you can find them) and cutting them into fingers and coating with a hard-ish ganache and/or other coatings? You could fill them (or not) with jam or firm custard or buttercream.

    Brownies can be made in mini muffin tins with mini muffin paper. How about swirling with blonde brownie filling? Or icing with something fun and easy like natural peanut butter mixed with condensed milk and powdered sugar.

    Purchased chocolate cups filled with just about anything.

    Ladyfingers with a small amount of custard and a poof of whipped cream with a strawberry slice, or made into a sandwich with a lovely filling and then half-dipped, or dipped one-half into chocolate with an almond pressed in before the chocolate dries, or topped with chocolate whipped cream and a piece of candied orange peel.

    Purchased cannoli shells with anything piped into them.

    If you can freeze and carry, how about good-quality store bought cookie sandwiches with a scoop of ice cream, rolled in nuts, half dipped in chocolate (or not) and frozen solid for transport.

    1. What immediately came to my mind was little cheesecakes using 'Nilla Wafers as the "crust" ; make them in a muffin tin ... then I thought of the paper liner and thought it might be a little clumsy in a bar setting (you'd have to put your drink down and remove the paper, etc.) ....I do have a recipe for these if you think the paper liner is really not a concern top them with a little canned cherry pie filling or even a fresh strawberry slice at this time of year. Brownie squares are also a good idea.

      1. I'm not sure if you are looking for something that is not frozen... and this recipe would require a truckload of whipping cream... but it is really easy, rich yet refreshing and most people find impressive.

        it's lemon ice cream. I got this recipe from sunkist off the tag the bag of lemons I bought many moons ago. anyway.. you can hollow out the lemon rinds and make cute little bowls, if you want to be fancy and have the time.

        anyway.. it is just sugar, lemon juice, a little zest and heavy cream. it is rich, a small amount is very satisfying... and most people think it is "real" ice cream, but all you do is mix and freeze.

        it might be a problem for that many people, but really you don't need to serve more than a small scoop.. (think gelato size serving). again it is really rich... I've made this for a cap to a big dinner and as a dessert for bbq. it is always a favorite.

        here's the link to the website

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          this is a cute idea that I'll save for a dinner party, but I don't think I'll have any access to refrigeration so it probably won't work for this event. Thanks for the suggestion.

        2. Choose two or three of the following:

          Tiramisu in a large rectangular pan - easy to cut into squares to serve.

          Springy trifle - pound cake layered with strawberries, custard, cream, other berries or fruits - spoon out to serve.

          Cupcakes - miniature ones would make it possible for people to have one in addition to something else.

          Do-it-yourself shortcake - put out slices of angel food cake, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and bowl of whipped cream. Some people might just want the cake, others just the fruit, others the whole mess.

          Brownies - maybe a couple of different types.

          Large slab carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

          1. thanks, all, for the suggestions. I think I'm going to make my life easy and just do mini chocolate somethings (brownie batter?) in a a muffin tin, or perhaps the filled chocolate cups that someone mentioned. Good ideas!