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May 13, 2005 03:29 PM

yogurt -- lots of it -- what to do?

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i suddenly find my refrigerator loaded with 2 quarts of very fine raw milk yogurt. a local woman sells me a quart every 2 weeks and we didn't use the last one.
any ideas on yogurt-intensive dishes? maybe just a lot of mid-east and indian dinners?

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  1. I really like my breakfast cereals with a lot of yogurt (and a bit of milk too, to make it a bit like a cream consistency). Depending on how many of you there is in your househould, you can go through quite a bit of yogurt that way.
    Also, some pancake/quick bread recipes call for yogurt, and I'm pretty sure that you can mix yogurt and milk/water and use that as a buttermilk substitute.
    You could also blend (more like purée) yogurt with strawberries, mangoes, etc., add herbs (basil is great for that) and have a fruit soup (very refreshing and out of the ordinary).
    I hope this helps!

    1. We love smoothies for breakfast. I whirl yogurt, ground flax seeds (optional), frozen fruit (bananas are cheap and make for a creamy smoothie), and milk/soy milk/juice/water in the blender until smooth. You can add a little honey and/or spices, too. Variation on this theme is a mango lassi---mango chunks, yogurt, a bit of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

      1. My Iranian friend makes a really killer yogurt sauce/side dish/salad (not really sure what it is since I usually eat it with a big spoon since it's so tasty) that consists of yogurt (duh), cucumbers (sliced thin or shredded), a small handful of dried mint, and a handful of golden raisins or currants. Salt and pepper to taste. It's kind of like an Indian raita but the mint and currants really raise the yum factor.

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          i'm a fan of the indian desert shrikand. link below to a recipe.

          someone already beat me in recommending lassi, but i make it this way. amounts are approximate. i just eyeball it:

          add about 2/3 glass yogurt, 1/3 glass ice, splash of milk, and sugar to taste into a blender. blend it up. if you have any rooh afza (pink rose syrup you can get at indian grocers) add a tablespoon or two of that before blending. yummy! i might have to make some tonight.

        2. Strain it in cheese cloth in a strainer for 24 hours in the fridge. You will have very thick yogurt. I make tzatziki sauce with it with grated cucumber, minced garlic, a bit of cumin toasted and ground, choped green onion a little olive oil, sometimes a little chopped mint. It is real good on gyros or kamb kefta in a warm pita.

          When it is really thick like that it is also good with juicy fruits that thin out regular yogurt too much.

          1. Here's a favorite yogurt dessert I ate all last summer.

            Chop up fruit (nectarines or apricots are good), add some berries if you have them (blueberries and strawberries are my fave), splish in a little fruit liqueur (or amaretto) and toss the fruit around a bit to coat it...pour yogurt over it until the fruit is completely covered. Sprinkle turbinado or demerara sugar over the top (you could use brown sugar in a pinch, but the coarseness of the other stuff is a desirable element). Refrigerate until ready to eat, ideally long enough for the sugar to melt into the yogurt. When ready to serve, smash a few amaretti cookies and strew the resulting crumbs over the top.