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May 13, 2005 12:47 PM

Perfect Chocolate Buttercream recipe?

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Anybody have a perfect Chocolate Buttercream recipe to recommend?

Perfect, to me, would be foolproof (always thickens up), deep chocolate flavour and smooth, creamy texture (hate the grittiness of icing sugar).

I want to frost a three layer chocolate cake.

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  1. I just made Rose Birnbaum's neoclassic butter cream from the cake bible. It was easy,tasty and very creamy and smooth and did I mention easy?

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    1. re: adi

      Thanks for the recommendation, I have the Cake Bible but hadn't tried that recipe. Will try it.

      I find all her recipes very easy, you get to the end and think "Is that all I have to do?" Since I love the process of baking I sometimes find that a little bittersweet disappointing!