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May 12, 2005 07:47 PM

Tres Leches cake?

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I did the Control-F search on the board and nothing came up...maybe I spelled it wrong?

Looking for a really GOOD recipe for tres leches cake. Can be fairly authentic and complicated, I think I can handle it...but "simplified" versions welcome too.


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  1. It's pretty simple, make any yellow or white cake with milk instead of water; when it's cooled enough to touch, depan and poke holes in the top (don't go all the way through!) and pour condensed milk into the holes; then frost with real whipped cream.

    Leche numero uno: milk in batter
    Leche numero dos: condensed milk
    Leche numero tres: whipped cream

    1. Hi there,

      I couldn't resist answering your request, even though I am late for a dinner date. I have tried more versions of this dessert than I can say. I tend to get really obsessed and go way overboard. In any event, the following link is to a recipe I've come to feel is about as good as I've made. It is ridiculously simple, but oh so tasty. I am 99% of the time a totally from scratch baker and cook. Try the following recipe, and you will hopefully agree that sometimes easy can be delish.

      Happy baking,

      1. Oh my God these are so good! I put on about 10 lbs every time I make one.