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May 10, 2005 10:26 AM

Cheese Fondue

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Want to make some fondue tonight. This will be our second attempt. The first time we followed a recipe calling for gruyere, gouda, brandy, and maybe somthing else. Neither of us are very crazy about swiss cheese and we both thought the gruyere smelled gross, even though the final product came out decent.

I'm wondering if anyone has a recipe for a non-traditional fondue that calls for a nice creamy cheese, non-swiss, that would be good to dip some sourdough bread, broccoli, chicken, etc in. I suggested some good ol' velveta, but was shot down.

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  1. You can get some great recipes from the Artisinal Website.


    1. Purists will tell you it is not fondue unless you use Gruyere and Swiss. But I think you may find a recipe on either THere is a recipe there for a cheddar fondue. Good luck

      1. comte is a delicious cheese for fondue.

        1. I recommend this one; I got it from Epicurious, made it for a New Years party and it was a hit. Served with steamed fingerling potatoes and steamed broccoli; I intend to make it again this winter:

          Brie, Roquefort and Wild Mushroom Fondue

          1. I think even the Melting Pot serves a cheddar and beer fondue. . .

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              I've cribbed the Melting Pot's beer cheese fondue for my home fondues. Dead simple - Cheddar cheese, beer, chopped jalapenos, and some salsa.

              You should be able to fondue with most any cheese...alcohol is the key.