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May 9, 2005 11:37 AM

Cobb BBQ?

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Hello -

Has anyone ever heard of the cobb bbq/smoker (link below). It sounds like a portable Big Green Egg.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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  1. never heard of it... I read through their website.

    I wouldn't compare it to the big green egg. Eggs are masters of smoking... keeping low temps so you can smoke for hours upon hours at a time. I think you'd be really hard pressed to do a proper smoke of any kind in this guy.

    That said, it looks like a convenient portable grill.

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    1. re: adamclyde

      I have a Cobb that I got from It's not a Green Egg but is amazing. Of cousre for 100 bucks it is a completly different animal than a a Green Egg but for couples or campers wanting to smoke some baby-backs or a lamb roast it is perfect. Nice and compact but is the closest thing you will ever get to a real smoker, without spending a fortune.

      It cooks at about 350-400 degrees pretty constantly for about 3-4 hours before you need to add more coal. You do need to keep the dome cover on to retain the heat. The more you open it the more heat it loses.