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May 8, 2005 02:07 PM

bitter melon greens

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I have some but am not quite sure how they they wilt like spinach or are they heartier like chard?

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  1. They're delicate like spinach, careful not to overcook. You must be a die hard bittermelon fan, the leaves are much more bitter than the melon.

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      I have tried three times to cook these to edible satisfaction. No success. The local Farmer's Market person gave me specific instructions for a fool proof receipe and all I came up with was bitter, bitter, bitter. We love all Asian greens and in Los Angeles have great opportunity to buy these locally wherever we live but this stumped me. Just bought the book, Cooking Asian Greens. Maybe lucky there.

      1. re: Zoe

        It's supposed to be bitter, hence the name. It's an acquired taste, been eating it since I was a kid and still love it.

    2. In some Asian recipes, they are used as an accent, rather than the main focus of the dish. One of my favorite ways to use the bitter melon leaves is in a Filipino dish called mungo. This is a simple dish of the bitter melon leaves ( bitter melon=ampalaya in tagalog) sauteed with some onion and some boiled dried green mung beans. Some also include chunks of lechon, or roast pork, including the skin. It's a homey dish, but I really like the bitter tang of the leaves as a counterpoint to the creamy, almost bland mung beans, and the salty, chewy texture of the pork skin. Tastes better than it sounds.

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        My favorite way to cook it is : saute chopped onions/garlic/chopped ginger and sliced hot chilli pepper. Add fresh or dried shrimp, or chicken - let it cook. Add some dried black beans and chopped tomatoes. Stir and add the bitter melon leave - let it steam. Do not stir because it will make it tastest more bitter.

        Tastes bitter but mmmm good... especially on hot jasmine rice and some kind of hot sambal on the side.