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May 3, 2005 06:19 PM

london broil - good for hamburger meat?

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theres a nice sale around here for london broil and I was wondering if ground up, would it make a good burger?

I did it with hanger steak, it was delicious..



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  1. In my local markets, London Broil is round steak. So, if you grind a london broil, you get ground round.

    The butchers at the market (and some newspaper writers) all recommend ground chuck as having the best flavor.

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      Marvin Grays

      so what to do with ground round?

      1. re: Marvin Grays

        The round has less fat and therefore less juiciness and flavor. It is not bad, it is just isn't as tasty as ground chuck would be.

        To use it to best results, add some fat and flavor back in to the meat, say in a meatloaf or meatballs. Mix with ground pork or Italian sausage meat and a fair amount of fresh, soft breadcumbs to soften the mixture, and you'll have something very tasty.

    2. London broil is a preparation method not a cut of meat. I have seen round, top sirloin and flank all labeled London broil in my supermarket. Flank makes great burgers and top sirloin is not bad but I can't recommend round.
      I grind my own meat for burgers and have found chuck, skirt, ribeye and flank work very well.