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Apr 28, 2005 11:15 AM

Another Birthday Cake question

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Which would you do? For a party next Saturday night, I could bake the layers this Sunday and freeze until I frost the cake on Fri morning. Or, I could bake the layers on Thursday and ?leave out?frige?. I'm assuming the icing (buttercream) should be plenty fresh on Sat night given frosting it on fri a.m.? Would you refrigerate until 6 hours before serving, or just leave it out?


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  1. For 12 hours or fewer I'd wrap very well and leave out. For more, freeze. Refrigerating dries it out.

    1. Bake the layers and freeze. Make sure you wrap tightly. Then you can just about assemble the layers and icing while they're still frozen. Drape the cake with plastic wrap - or place in some sort of plastic cake container - and refrigerate until an hour or two before serving (depending on how warm the kitchen is and how soft the icing). I actually find frozen cake layers easier to work with.