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Apr 27, 2005 01:07 PM

What is your favorite alsatian dish?

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I love alsatian cooking. There is some range in the dishes, from robust dishes such as Choucroute Garnie a l'Alsacienne (braised sourkraut garnished with smoked meats and sausages) to delicate fish dishes and unctuous tartes. I like the white wines that go with most alsatian dishes.

What is your favorite Alsatian dish? While I don't like to choose a favorite, if compelled to make a decision I would choose . . . (picture me reflecting with knitted brow) . . . Poitrine de Veau Farcie (stuffed breast of veal). This is a veal breast stuffed with a filling and braised with alsatian riesling wine on a bed of coasely chopped onion and carrots in a covered casserole. The filling is composed of bread crumbs, minced parsely, lightly sauteed onions, a little chopped pork, some nutmeg (I think, not sure), and an egg to bind. I serve this with buttered Alsatian spatzle and with the remainder of the bottle of Alsatian riesling, of course. A good October/fall dish.

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    Joan Kureczka

    Tarte Flambee gratinee, done in a wood-burning oven. Yum.

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      Doktor Faustus

      I'm familiar with Tarte Flambee and love it. To me it is amazing that something so simple is so delicious. I make no apologies for liking this, yet is is not distinguished from our lowly American pizza by the quality or expense of its ingredients. When I make it I use sauteed yellow onions, sauteed bacon choppped into small pieces (pieces just beginning to brown), a sauce composed of 1/2 cup creme fraiche and 1/2 cup sour cream, and a substantial amount of nutmeg. The crust is simple bread dough rolled out as thin as I can make it.

      Your "gratinee" suggests something a little different from my recipe above. What cheese is used? Do you subtract some of the ingredients I described above?

      I like a light pinot noir slightly chilled for drinking with Tarte Flambee. I've never found a happy match between Tarte Flambee and a white wine. Do you have a wine preference for Tarte Flambee?