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Apr 27, 2005 12:51 AM

What's the Story on Brown Bread or "Boston Brown Bread?"

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Every so often B&M rolls out cans of brown bread...and while I've always known them for their baked beans, I have to wonder, what is the story w/ brown bread? (I'm an unintiated CA'ian.) I haven't been curious enough to actually buy a can however. How does the brown bread in a can actually compare to homemade? The recipes I've seen actually say to have a coffee can on hand.

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  1. m
    Mortadella Bodywrap

    I like B&M's brown bread quite a bit. On sale, it's practically free. I'm sure a homemade version would be tastier, but B&M's is convenient and inexpensive. Give it a whirl.


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      Grew up on brown bread, both home-steamed in a coffee can, and out of the B&M can. Both are good. The homemade tastes fresher, brighter, but the canned product is pretty good. Never liked hotdogs and beans, but always liked the brown bread. And yes, this is what traditional New England/Canadian maritime types have for supper on Saturday nights. I can't imagine eating it any other day.

    2. Boston Brown Bread is probably the only commonly encountered form of steamed bread in this country. It's very old-fashion, based on Indian meal-type breads of old. It was part of the what later developed as the canonical Saturday night supper ritual (franks, baked beans and brown bread) over much of New England. It classically goes with baked beans, but it can be happily enjoyed on its own, too.

      B&M's is good. Toast the slices....

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        And slather the toasted slices with cream cheese. Date nut bread is good this way, too.