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Apr 26, 2005 06:13 PM

ground cardamom substitute?

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I'm out of ground cardamom, have lots of whole green, can I grind it or will that be a different flavor?

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  1. I had the same situation and toasted the pods lightly before grinding them...pretty good.

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    1. re: JB

      Thanks,that is what I am doing. After grinding putting a fine sieve to get the big stuff out. It smells pretty good and much less expensive than that supermatket stuff.

      1. re: Candy

        I always do mine that way...I get the pods in huge bags at the Indian Grocery and do the toast and grind...I find them much more flavourful...let us know how the dish worked out!

        1. re: Cyndy

          How do you store the big bags you get? I've seen them in the Indian grocery and wanted to get them (sooo much cheaper) but feared that they'd spoil long before I could use them. How long do yours last? Do you freeze them? My mother always put a pod or two in the filter with her coffee grounds...makes a delicious cup o' joe.

          1. re: JB

            I put them in a zip lock bag and store them in my pantry. I have not had any problems with staleness. The pantry is cool and dry.

          2. re: Cyndy

            It was a ground Lamb Keema. Delicious. It was from the cookbook that has been getting a lot of chat, Indian Cooking at Home, Saran and Lyness. Great flavor and mouth feel. I may buy this book. It is very accessable and 'though it is only the second recipe I have tried out of it the book seems like a keeper.

            The green cardamom pods lightly toasted and then ground and sifted through a fine sieve was cheap enough to waste some. I'll never buy the ground stuff again. A half pound of the whole pods was $4.59 USD. That is a lot of cardomom. After opening the bag I have put it into a large zip lock bag with my other Indian/Pakastani spices and keep in a cool dark pantry.

      2. Never buy preground spices! Whole spice keep their flavor longer and those supermarket spices are both outrageously priced and sit on the shelves for decades, losing their flavor. Toasting for most spices bring out their flavor and can be ground in a mortar and pestle or a small spice/coffee grinder. (To clean out a spice grinder between different spices, grind up a sugar cube or two and then wipe it out with a paper towel.)