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Apr 26, 2005 04:27 PM

Planter's Punch

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I want to make this for my Dad's 70th birthday party. As a child, the only alcohol I ever saw my S.Baptist parents drink was Planter's Punch served at Rice Planter's Back Porch restaurant in Myrtle Beach. It was red. I'm pretty sure the alcohol was rum. That's about all I remember.

Anybody ever eat at that restaurant? Failing that, anybody got any idea how to make a good, fruity, sweet-ish rum punch (in a pitcher)? Please suggest the rum as well. Thanks!

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  1. Your question intrigued me,I have quite a number of books featuring drinks and punches. None of them call for anything red in Planter's Punch. When I Googled "Planter's Punch" there are a lot of different recipes there and I did not see' any recipes that called for something to make it red, but intrestingly, two definitions for Planter's Punch called for the addition of grenadine and that would add red color. So this might do it for you:

    2oz. lt. rum (like Bacardi Silver)
    2 oz. orane juice
    1 tsp. sugar
    dash of grenadine

    Shake well and pour over a tall glass of ice and then float 1 Tbs. dark rum (like Meyer's) on top.

    You might Google for it and see if there are any recipes that appeal to you and experiment a bit and add a dash of grenadine to get the color.

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      I would go to the website and ask....they have a lot of old time MRYTLEbeachers.


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        Hmmm. I was under the impression that a planter's punch was always made with Myers rum. No substitutions.

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          Thanks for taking an interest. I didn't have much luck googling it, found some recipes that had very little fruit and a whole lot of liquor. Some of the websites were quite interesting re the colonial history of S.C, however.

        2. Dale DeGroff, longtime bartender at the Rainbow Room in New York City (among other places), wrote a book called The Craft Of The Cocktail. His website is His recipe follows:
          Planter's Punch
          5 oz dark rum ; 5 oz light rum
          5 oz orange curacoa ; 12 oz fresh orange juice
          12 oz pineapple juice ; 3 oz simple syrup*
          3 oz fresh lime juice ; 3 oz grenadine
          1 Tablespoon Angostura bitters
          pineapple, orange and lime slices for garnish

          Mix all the ingredients in a large pitcher. Before serving, shake the drinks individually in a cocktail shaker and strain into a goblet filled three-quarters filled with ice. Garnish with the fruit slices.
          (*Simple syrup is made from equal parts water and granulated sugar.) Serves six.