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Apr 26, 2005 02:57 PM

Anodized Aluminum OK for Smoothtop?

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I just got a KitchenAid electric smoothtop range and was horrified to see in the instructions that "unifinished" aluminum cookware can leave permanent marks on the smoothtop cooking surface.

What exactly is unfinished aluminum? Does it include hard-anodized aluminum? Does this mean I have to get rid of all my All-Clad Ltd and Calphalon Commercial hard anodized pans or return this range for a coil? I assume my Master Chef 12" frypan is already a goner. Gas, sadly, is not an option.

I contacted the people at KitchenAid and they sounded pretty clueless. They just said any cookware that has an aluminum exterior could leave permanent marks. They weren't familiar with All Clad even though they make their own line of hard anodized, clad cookware. I had no idea this was something I should have thought about before choosing a smoothtop range over coil...

Has anyone used anodized aluminum cookware on a smoothtop and not spontaneously exploded into a ball of flame? HELP!!!

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  1. I used Calphalon on a smooth top (halogen) range for a couple of years and burst into flames only once. I did not leave any permanant marks on the cooktop in spite of a pretty aggressive cooking style.

    1. I have a glass-top (Kenmore Elite) range and have never noticed any marks theron from my All-Clad LTD.