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Apr 26, 2005 02:41 PM

fava bean question

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Do you think that if I was making a fava bean puree, and I put them in a food mill after they were cooked, I could dispense with the step of peeling their skins? Would the food mill let the soft inner beans pass through and trap the skins, or would it grind up the skins and leave me with unpleasant tough bits of skin in my puree?

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  1. It sounds logical. Just as the food mill leaves behind the apple skin, my guess would be you'd be safe leaving on fava skins. They are a bit softer than apple skins..... Please try it and report back.

    1. I know it's a drag but I'd peel them. The skin is rather thin and delicate and may very well wind up as unpleasant pieces of peel in your finished product.

      1. I would be curious about the results but I wouldn't try it myself. I think the skin would end up in the puree.

        1. You'd still get bits of peel in there, just enough to be unpleasant, I suspect.

          1. My new edition of Saveur came yesterday and there is an article on favas and a recipe for fava puree. They suggested blanching the favas in boiling water for a minute and then running cold water over them to facilitate the skin removal. They did say that some people find removing the skin so tedious that they just leave it on. The puree recipe calls for removing the skin.

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              Blanching in boiling salted water will preserve the color and soften the skins. You will have to peel, food mill won't get the skins off these guys.