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Apr 26, 2005 12:25 PM

Simple (cheap) container for ice cream

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my first big gig and on a very tight budget ($3 per person, per meal) 13 women on an outdoor conference.

Need dessert one night - planning vanilla bean ice cream with fruit and chocolate sauce. Was thinking of making little chocolate tartlet shells but, well, I've run out of time (and really wanna focus on the rest). If it makes a difference, the meal is gumbo.

Suggestions for something to present? Was thinking of fudging it (scuze the pun) and making little chocolate dipped ballon hard shells and ditchng the sauce on top, but that's messy for the guests (but good...)

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  1. maybe some merengues?

    1. Hollowed-out orange halves?

      1. Hmmmm... slices of pound cake, about four inches thick, with a slight depression scooped out and drizzled with some melted chocolate. You won't need as much ice cream per plate as this will obviously be VERY rich - and as pound cake is cheaper to make than ice cream, that might be worth considering.

        OK, now wait, it seems that everywhere you turn you see cupcakes lately... What about using individual disposable foil muffin tins?