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Apr 26, 2005 08:13 AM

Fish baked with a salt crust

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I made this myself last night with 2 small black bass--my question is--do you leave the head on the fish and if yes, do you encase it in salt as well???

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  1. How did you do it? Were you satisfied with the results?

    From what I've seen and read, YES,l eave the head on and YES, cover it with the salt also. These are European and Western region recipes, not Asian.

    Though many of the recipes don't elaborate. They just say - cover the whole fish.

    This recipe URL DOES say "cleaned but with head and tail intact."

    And, this one: "cleaned with head, tail and scales on."

    However, some say "cleaned and scaled."

    All of the recipes state that the fish should be cleaned, which means gut of course. And, most load lemon wedges into the cavity, maybe some fresh herbs and pepper corns.

    When my little brother received his sea bass in a restaurant (Chat Noir) with skin and head on, he wimped a little. I don't think he's ever been fishing with his Dad where they simply baked the whole fish, scales and all, for dinner. So, it could be a personal choice.

    And, Mario Batalli doesn't exactly say, but watching the show of the recipe linked below, he leaves the head and tail on (as is consistent with his rustic style).

    I have never made salt-baked fish myself.

    Did you serve yours to guests?


    1. yep, cover the whole thing, head, eyes, and all. whole fish...can't beat it :)