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Your best hamburger recipe?

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Grilling season is upon us!

Does anyone have any inventive hamburger recipes to share?

I have a big hunk of organic ground beef in the fridge crying to be grilled,

Thanks hounds!

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  1. I use my father's old 'secret' recipe that always turns out fantastic burgers. My husband (being from the 'don't season that burger!' northeast)was over the moon for these and we've combined our two family recipes:

    I take equal parts of kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and sugar and sprinkle generously on both sides of the burger patties. (sugar on a burger creates a seal that keeps the juices in - it WILL be the juicest burger you've ever had).

    This is from my husbands family - we do this after seasoning with my seasoning: Crumble bleu cheese onto one very thin patty and top with another very thin patty. Crimp the edges so it's well sealed and then grill and enjoy the famous Heintz Family Bleu Burger.

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      I tried the thin-patties-with-bleu-cheese recipe last night. It was sensational, but I don't think my patties were quite thin enough: our burgers were huge! The sugar seemed to do its job, BTW, the burgers were certainly juicy.


    2. My wife insists on buying organic ground beef. When she gets home from Whole Foods, she immediately separates the meat into patties for freezing and future grilling. She adds Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce to the meat before forming the patties. That's all.

      Once the patties are grilled, we add the condiments we like to the sandwich. I like fresh tomatoes, raw onion slices, pickle relish, and mustard that I make from mustard flour, vinegar, and horseradish.

      The question arises, 'Can I taste the L & P sauce that was added?' Who knows? The burgers taste great!

      1. sometimes a will add a little bit of chili sauce to the meat for a little something different. Chicago seasoning is a good meat seasonoing too.

        1. Add some finely minced onion to the meat before forming it into a patty, then coat liberally with salt, pepper and some cayenne pepper.

          Grill some onions next to the burger, and top with a fried egg.

          1. Shiro, This is so good it will make your toes curl.
            This MUST be served on a toasted Kaiser Roll:
            1. Mushrooms
            2. Green onions finely cut
            3. Sour cream
            While the burgers are grilling, saute` the mushrooms in butter. Top burgers with mushrooms, then sour cream then green onions. It sounds too simple, but simple can often be the best. Enjoy!

            1. This is not for the faint of heart but I saw Barefoot Contessa once season the beef with L&P, minced onions, eggs, salt and pepper. She also slipped a slice of butter into the middle of the patties so that they would be juicy when done. I tried it last summer at a bbq and got rave reviews.

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                This is a meatloaf recipe pretending to be a hamburger recipe. For really good meat I just form the patty, liberally salt and pepper and grill unitl medium rare. Top with onion and tomatoe. Doesn't get better

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                  OMG I think I had a heart attack just reading that! James Beard (I believe) put an ice cube in the middle so they would be juicy and essentially raw in the middle.

                  Myself, I just like the plain beef by itself, especially if it's good organic meat. Maybe a little salt and Lea and Perrins, but only a tiny bit. Yum!

                2. Burgers Diane

                  1 lb of ground beef

                  In a small bowl combine -
                  1 tbsp brandy
                  1 tsp heavy cream
                  1 tsp Dijon mustard
                  1 tsp beef broth
                  Few dashes of Worcestershire sauce
                  Mix to combine and add:
                  2 tsp snipped chives
                  Work mixture into beef and form patties. Add kosher salt and fresh black pepper to taste.

                  1. A friend of mine uses her meatball recipe for burgers, then puts grilled red peppers and onions on top. Very good eating.

                    1. This is going to sound gross but ever since I first tried it I have never gone back...

                      Season meat with whatever you like - salt and pepper, maybe a splash of soy (we like the flavour of the beef to predominate) - then for every pound of ground beef, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup water. Plain, ordinary, water. Mix well and let sit for a few minutes to allow the meat to absorb the water. Form patties. They will not be liquidy - trust me. The water adds moisture to the meat so that the burgers will not dry out on the grill, especially if you're using lean ground beef.

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                        polish cuisine

                        I always add minced onions and garlic to groud meat. I put one whole egg, a few tbsp of water, a bit of breadcrumbs and one slice of white bread soaked in water (water squeezed out). Best Burgers Ever.

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                          "I always add minced onions and garlic to groud meat. I put one whole egg, a few tbsp of water, a bit of breadcrumbs and one slice of white bread soaked in water (water squeezed out). Best Burgers Ever."

                          I'm sure it tastes fine but that's not a burger - that's meatloaf.

                        2. Season meat with pepper, garlic powder, chopped onions, some ketchup and mustard. Then "cut" burger in half, in the center hollow out a small grove and load it up with cheese. Replace top. Cook. Nice burger with a cheesey surprise in the middle.

                          1. I mix a pound of ground beef with cumin, coriander, fresh parlsey, chili powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Kind of liek a kofta kabob but in the shape of a burger.
                            Then the trick is to mix in the spices and form the patties without kneading the meat too much. Being really gently with the raw meats prevents the burgers from getting tough. i also usually put a pat of butter in the middle for extra flavour.
                            Then i butter and grill whatever bread or roll i have. top it off with some cheese and sometimes if i am in the mood an over easy egg.

                            1. So here's what I did...

                              Added s+p and minced shallots... and an egg. Simple and great!

                              But now I have an arsenal. Thank you all for your suggestions!

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                                Ok... I stumbled onto something here.

                                I had one extra patty so I put it in the freezer and bbq'd it from frozen today. It was amazing!! Nice, crunchy grill marks on the outside and rare in the center. The ultimate burger. Wow.

                                Does this mean that cooking a steak from frozen would have the same yummy effect??

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                                  It would have to be a pretty thin steak in order for the inside to thaw before the outside was finished cooking. Otherwise, you'd have a charred outside before but inside would still be frozen.