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Apr 25, 2005 06:03 PM

Sensational Chocolate Dessert

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I need a show-stopper. It would be nice if it looked good- but taste is more important. I am not a white chocolate fan...everything else works.

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  1. chocolate souffle is a show-stopper, especially if you use really good chocolate.

    Chocolate molten cake is also one, though its cache is off by over exposure...

    Individual chocolate cheese cake, creme brulee are also nice.

    I like Epicurious for recipes.


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    1. re: Wendy Lai

      I agree with Wendy that EPI is a tremendous resource for anything chocolate...specifically, their Double Chocolate Layer Cake which I've made about 5 times now that totally 'wows' guests (that is my ultimate favorite in a chocolate cake, hands down)...and many folk here have raved about their Black Pearl Layer Cake but I've not made that one yet.

    2. I've been wanting to make Maida Heatter's "Queen Mother Cake" -- a flourless chocolate cake with almonds that is supposed to be excellent.


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      1. re: Missy P.

        You know, I lusted after that cake immediately after I saw it come out in that Saveur issue. It was a sight to behold...chocolate "cigars" perched on top, a silky smooth ganache, a dense chocolatey cake. The picture is beautiful, and Maida is indeed one of the first American dessert mavens.

        However, I made it once and all of that lust was gone the instant I took it out of the oven, dressed it, and tasted it. It ended up being very flat, too dense, not enough chocolate flavor, kind of dry. I dunno, maybe my ingredients and skills sucked at that time, but this is one cake that leaves me bitter since I had such high hopes for it. Maybe I need to try again...

      2. For last year's Christmas dinner dessert, I made this Mikado Cake from Francois Payard's “Simply Sensational desserts”. It was a smashing success – layers of dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut meringue and praline paste (I actually substituted Nutella).


        1. "Showstopper" depends on who you're serving. I find that normal people - not jaded semiprofessional cooks - are easily impressed with anything that even remotely appears lavish. If I make a flourless chocolate cake with good chocolate, dust it liberally with icing sugar, and serve it with a cascade of fresh raspberries and whipped cream people go nuts. It couldn't be simpler and looks lovely once you've garnished it with berries and, if you want fancy, edible flowers. The other suggestion of those molten chocolate cakes have, sadly, been overexposed but I also find many people are dazzled by them. The trick is the serving - beautifully presented, they really do look special.

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            sally from LA

            Chocolate espresso pots du creme (from Epicurious) served in divinely chic espresso cups & saucers.