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Apr 25, 2005 04:37 PM

Theme and variation

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Right up front I'm admitting that I'm researching an article. So anyone who doesn't want to contribute to my yacht-purchasing savings plan should definitely not help me out here. I'm looking for ideas - not recipes (unless you're really generous) just ideas for something where you make one thing, say a roast chicken, and then make something entirely else with the leftovers.

For example, roast beef and then shepherds pie. Or grilled chicken breasts and then grilled chicken burritos. That kind of thing. Family-friendly. And by that I do not mean stupid, but just simple enough for busy parental units to cook with a screaming toddler clinging to a knee.


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    La Dolce Vita

    Okay, I'll contribute---as long as I get to take a spin around the harbor when the yacht arrives!

    Here's how I make use of leftovers. I'll do a roast prime rib, for example, for Christmas dinner, and then use the leftover meat for beef fajitas. Or I'll make a boned roast leg of lamb, and use the leftovers to make souvlaki sandwiches. I usually cut the meat into strips and then freeze it in smaller portions. Then, I defrost what I need and toss it into a hot frying pan with some onions or red peppers.

    I made steamed halibut this weekend, and I'm planning on making fried fish cakes with the remainder.

    Hope this helps.

    1. I usually dislike left(plan)overs, wasteful I know, but that is just me. My DH is fine with them. My mother was a teacher who cooked most weekends for the week. One thing she used to do is make pot roast and then make soup with the left overs, pureeing the cooked veg into the broth and then adding fresh veg to the soup and macaroni or other pasta. I really got tired of pot roasr and the soup early on.

      Outside of hash with leftover roasts the only plan-over I do is chcken or turkey enchiladas. I do the filling in a creamy cheese sauce with sauteed onions and chopped roasted green chilis. I serve them with a red sauce rolled into lightly fried corn tortillas. I prefer Pendery's Bull Canyon chili powder for this. It is deeply flavored and quire rich.

      1. I will make a baked ham and then lots of different leftovers...ham quiche; ham with some veggies, say asparagus, and pasta in a cream sauce; plain old ham sandwiches or ham salad; ham and eggs sandwiches; grilled cheese and ham sandwiches; pea soup with the bone; I can go on and on with what we do with leftover ham...I also use leftover roasted chicken in pasta dishes with veggies and wine/broth sauces; chicken salad; chicken fajitas...oh the joys of leftovers!! Yes, I am making these while my toddler is clinging onto my leg telling me she is hungry!!! (when can I borrow the yacht to get away from the kids) lol...

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          I forget about the roast beef, french dip sandwiches; shepards pie; hot open faced sandwich; for lunches (or small dinners) I will put the leftover meat/chicken/turkey over salad...

        2. m

          I have a toddler, so this should fit right into your specifications...

          I've been using my slow-cooker for the "first round"...pot roast or chicken legs/thighs. Easy because I can set it up in the early afternoon when my son goes down for his nap and it's done by dinnertime.

          The next round is equally quick...stir-fry with a few veggies and the leftover meat, or homemade pasta (hubby fixes it) with veggies and meat. Even if the slow cooker meat has some kind of non-oriental or non-italian sauce, it still works out pretty well.

          1. We Roast a chicken or turkey, have some of this with veggies and mashed potatoes. Then I usually separate the remaining white and dark meat. Using the white for Greek Chicken Pie in Phyllo and/or homemade chicken pot pie. The dark in Mole/empanada or tamale filling. I cook the carcass down for stock. I also usually make extra mashed potatos so the leftovers can be used for potato cakes later in the week.

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              Greek chicken pie in phyllo? Mmmm. Would you post the recipe?