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Apr 24, 2005 11:21 AM

single oven dilemma

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any help with this would be appreciated:

i'm making a turkey meatloaf tom'w night and would like to bake sweet potatoes, too. i only have one oven, hence the problem. the meatloaf needs to bake at 325 for 1 1/2 hours, while the potatoes bake 1 hour at 425.

what's a girl to do? can i just put the potatoes in with the meatloaf and bake them at the lower temp for the hour and a half?


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  1. bake the meatloaf ahead of time, it reheats very well.

    1. You can throw the potatoes in at the same time. Or cook the potatoes in the microwave until pretty much done and then throw them in the oven to keep warm. But you can cook the sweet potatoes at the same time as the think your grandma had two ovens? all went in one, just had to stay in longer at the lower temp :-)

      1. Sure. Just cook them longer. We are talking about potatoes, not a souffle.

        You can also raise a temperature a bit - meatlof can be cooked at a higher temperature a bit faster (you may have to cover it with foil toward the end). Again, this is meatloaf, not a souffle either.