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Apr 23, 2005 04:17 PM

favorite slow cooker recipes

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I bought my first slow cooker and am excited to use for the first time some time next week. Does anyone have a favorite recipe for delicious slow cooked meals? Open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. I mostly use mine to slow cook nice fatty pork cuts like boneless ribs. then I chill it and remove the fat that rises from the top and use it to make bbq or various mexican things.

    1. The slow cooker works best with cheaper, tougher meats. The good stuff will disintegrate. Make a ropa vieja with flank, always comes out great.

      1. I also use the slow cooker for meats sometimes, but beans also work very very well. a bit of ham, or even better a ham piece with a bone (ham hock or other) makes the beans even better. I put in the bean pot any vegetables I have on hand: spring garlic, leeks, onions, grated carrots, finely chopped fennel. And fresh (or dried) herbs. I bundle cilantro stems and toss that in.


        1. I use my crockpot often for brisket, pot roast, beef stew, but my current favorite recipe combines key lime juice with chipotle peppers in adobo poured over pork rib fingers.

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            Would you be willing to share this recipe??? It sounds GREAT!!!!Thank you.....

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              Coyote....would you be willing to share this recipe???????? Thank you

            2. We do a number of variations with cheap cuts of meat as listed below, one of the better ones is the simplest, a pork butt with a couple of 8 oz apple juice (not cider) bottles added then pat the top and sides down with a nice thick layer of brown sugar. Leftovers great for pork dip or BBQ pork sands.