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Apr 23, 2005 03:25 PM

Whole Croakers

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What do I do with these?

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  1. Bait for red fish :)
    I have fried some fillets that were pretty good. Hard to catch one big enough to fellet though.

    1. If I have the rare opportunity to cook just caught fish like this, simple is best for me since it doesn't happen often enough. If this is your case, you may want to just coat your fish in well seasoned flour and fry. Serve with wedges of lemon and enjoy.

      If you want something more involved, do the above but make a sauce of some sort to top it. Garlic, ginger, hot peppers and cilantro sizzled in a little oil, or butter, lemon juice, parsley, capers and a bit of dijon mustard. Pour the sizzling sauce on the fish just before serving.

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        Good ideas - I practically grew up on croakers. The poor things - my Dad was a "just throw them into the ice chest" fisherman. They would croak and croak in there, then expire. We fried them, used them in courtbouillon. I wouldn't filet them however...cook them whole.

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          I sometimes use them to make a fish stock for a seafood gumbo.

      2. these fry up mighty well. a little cornmeal and some flour seasoned with salt and pepper. serve them with some good soft white bread. All you need now are some collard greens

        along with spots and whiting classic fish fry fish

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          Heaven! Reminds me of childhood.

        2. In Korea, we salt them and then broil or grill them. Have the salty fish with some rice, banchan, and a light soup. Healthy and well-rounded meal.