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Apr 23, 2005 03:09 PM


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I need to find a prepared sofrito without MSG...are there any natural brands out there?

Alternatively, can you provide a small serving recipe?

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  1. Sofrito is so easy to make.
    Here is all I do:
    Crush as much garlic as you want.
    Chop a med. onion very fine.
    chop 1 roma tomato fine and add some kosher salt.
    Chop 1/4 bell pepper very fine.

    Throw in a pan with plenty of olive oil and cook on low heat til very soft. Add salt if necessary.

    This stuff is like seasoned butter, but better for you!

    1. You can add bacon cut up into small strips to recipe below.

        1. re: The Rogue

          I checked oput the recipes on the link, and they sound great! But can somebody tell me what it's used for? Is it a sauce, or a dip, or an ingredient, or what?

          1. re: Fydeaux

            Its like the mirepoix of the hispanic world

        2. Haven't read the Rogue's linked material above, but most sofrito has culantro as a key ingredient. You can find it in Asian markets, sometimes as Vietnamese Coriander or Long Coriander. Also to be found in any Latino/Hispanic market. It looks a bit like skinny Romaine lettuce or fat dandelion greens to me. You'd be hard pressed to find a Puerto Rican or Cuban cook who didn't start many dishes with their homemade sofrito!

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          1. re: jacquelinec

            Culantro is also frequently referred to as "RECAO"

            1. re: MaspethMaven

              Or, if you're in an Asian market where it's most likely to be found, as "ngo gai" or "sawleaf herb".

              That said, I usually make sofregit, which is just onions, sometimes garlic, and a tomato "melted" with olive oil and salt... it's one of the five pillars on which Catalan cuisine is built, along with romesco, xamfaina, allioli and picada.

            2. re: jacquelinec

              culantro = recao = "asian cilantro."

              I've found it at a few markets, a lot of times imported from places like Costa Rica. It's pretty much a tropical weed - the kind of plant you would find growing between cracks on a sidewalk. That said it's not totally necessary for a sofrito, you can make do with cilantro instead.

              I will say that you shouldn't get hung up on any particular recipe or ingredient. Sofrito varies widely, the kind I personally grew up with (buying in jars and seeing my parents make it fresh) was usually green. It might have red bits due to pieces of smoked red peppers or fresh red peppers, but certainly no tomato.

              1. re: jacquelinec

                Oh, you also need aji (AKA cubanelle peppers). NEVER use green peppers, do cubanelles instead.

              2. I found the links broken (see above)