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Apr 23, 2005 02:46 PM

ISO Mini cheesecake recipes?

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Does anyone have any small cheesecake recipes. Like for one or two people in the very small spring form pans? Thanks,Richie

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  1. You could use a small tart (like a mini-muffin) pan for bite size cheesecakes. There are a few great recipes for them, just do a search---one is a raspberry cheesecakes by Nigella Lawson and one a lime cheesecake by Paula Deen on the Foodnetwork site. I've made both and they have been huge hits. A bonus for using the mini-muffin pans is you don't need a water bath,they cook quickly, cool quickly and are very easy. Hope this helps.

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      How about the ones everyone used to make in normal muffin tins many years back? You put a Nilla wafer in a foil muffin cup, top with cheesecake mix (if interested I will go downstairs and get recipe, I think it's like 3 ingredients) and top with pie filling when cool, usually cherry. These used to be a big hit, but maybe it's too old-fashioned?

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        oh man, I love those mini-cheesecakes! so yummy. I served them at my wedding even.