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Matzoh Kugel Last Minute Help

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  • Out in the Avenues Apr 22, 2005 08:00 PM
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So... I'm supposed to bring matzoh kugel to the (vegetarian) seder and I've never made it before.
I'm planning to saute onions and mushrooms, then add farfel and eggs. Here are a couple of questions:

Can I prep the veggies and mix everything together in the morning, then refrigerate it and bake it off just before I leave for the seder? Or will that make the farfel too mushy?

For a 9x13 pan, how much matzoh to how many eggs? Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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  1. I don't know the answer, but suggest that you repost on the kosher board.

    1. Here is the recipe I always use from the (old)Manischewitz Matzo Farfel box. It includes a soaking period. I usually prep the veggies early in the day and then do the resting an hour before cooking.

      Matzo Kugel

      1 cup diced onion
      1 cup diced celery
      6 TB oil
      1 cup sliced mushrooms
      2 cloves garlic, pressed
      3 1/2 cups Matzo Farfel
      1 tsp salt
      1/4 tsp pepper
      2 tsp paprika, or a little less
      2 eggs, well beaten
      101/2 oz chicken soup
      1 cup boiling water

      Preheat oven to 375°.
      Grease a 9x13 baking pan with pam
      Saute onion and celery in oil till tender. A few minutes before soft add the mushrooms and garlic. Then add seasonings and cook a little longer.
      Put in a big bowl and add Farfel, eggs, soup, and boiling water. Stir and set aside until the liquid is absorbed. About 1 hour.
      Put in prepared pan and bake for 30 minutes, until done.

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        Out in the Avenues

        Thanks so much! I used your recipe and it turned out perfectly.