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Apr 22, 2005 07:48 PM

menu suggestions for a communist party???

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hi all,

i'm looking to do a communist themed party. need menu suggestions for feeding the proletariat.

thanks in advance.

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  1. b
    babette feasts

    Red beans and rice?

    1. Everything red.

      1. Steph, I don't see the theme being that dark. After all, communism was just a social experiment that failed.(Like bussing.) My suggestion is Borscht with Russian Vodka served in Ice Tea glasses at room temperature. One, and only one, guest gets Caviar while the others serve him. (And it must be a him.) The most attractive woman is sold to the Caviar diner while the others clean your house/apartment in exchange for fresh bananas and oranges. After the party you all go to Goodwill to buy a new party outfit for the next get together. It should be fun, and if not, an interesting experience for the most attractive woman of the group.

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        1. re: Leper

          This sounds great, except that there were no bananas and oranges under the communists. Wrong climate. One should really use apples and carrots instead for authenticity.

          There were some bananas and oranges - seen only by the lucky few- in eve of socialist days when Soviet Union started to exchange guns for food with the third-world countries. But that was really after the Communism has faded into an oblivion.

        2. Depends how authentic you want to get and whether you are you doing the Communist masses or Communist bosses party.

          (1) For the masses: thickly cut rye bread, whole pickled cucumbers and chilled vodka served in large juice or water glasses (8-10oz). Use newspapers for placemats-tablecloth (sort of like English Fish and Chips are served). Herring Fillet on Rye bread, whole boiled potatoes in their skin, not peeled (you can add herbed butter on the side). Borsht. Poor man caviar - eggplant or mushroom. Whole red radishes with sour cream dip. Buckwheat groats with mushrooms as a main course or cabbage rolls with sour cream.

          For dessert - cottage cheese stuffed crepes with jam sauce or donut holes with jam.

          If you can find metal mugs (the kind you see in the camping gear stores) and matching plates - you are all set.

          (2) For party leaders: Chilled vodka in shot glasses, caviar on buttered white bread (not toasted) (you can use salmon roe from a sushi store and serve it on boiled egg split in half, sort of stuffed egg fashion since black caviar is heinosly expensive). Mushrooms en cocotte. Small open face sandwiches with smoked salmon, roasted pork, etc. If you want a soup course - make a fish soup or serve consomme with tiny meat or mushroom stuffed pies.

          Chicken Kiev or Beef Stroganoff for the main course with fried potatoes and green peas.

          For dessert - Napoleon (mille feuille) or eclairs.
          Serve cranberry juice for non-drinkers or make your own cranberry-based drink (alcoholic or not).

          I do not think it is horrible to hold a communist themed party, by the way. Communist-themed art is in all the galleries, and I do not see Nazi art on displays much.

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          1. re: guest

            That's all bolshoiski for the Russian Communist Party. But what about the euro-communists (Italy, France), and England? What about the Canadian, and the (outlawed) American? And of course the evil-axis-ed North Korean and the state-capitalist Chinese? Don't you guys know your history?

            1. re: Richard
              Caitlin McGrath

              Communist Party's not outlawed in the US. It's still going.

              1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                My cousin who lives in Western Brittany has been called an Unrepentant Stalinist. She has never got over her heady days at the London School of Economics and some years ago retreated to the depths and I mean the depths - 20 miles from the tiniest village - to a farm where she raises all her food including meat - lamb, duck, chicken, rabbit plus renounces television and she has never given up the idea of the Great Ideal. I have pointed out that Stalin has been dead 50 years, but I don't think she knows yet. To keep on point: her servings of food are at best, sparse in keeping with the 5 year plan I think. She would serve one boiled egg for lunch plus a slice of toast and some apple sauce. Drink is kind of frowned on.

              2. re: Richard

                Just a simple majority rule - sheer numbers make Soviets (as in Soviet Union cotrolled territories) the largest Comminust group.

                Also, I wish I could, but I really do not know enough about Cuba let say to make suggestions for Cuban-communists style party. Those guys did not really encourage foreign travel despite all the rhetoric about International Union of Proletariat.

                1. re: guest

                  In terms of majority numbers, I'd think that China still tops, even though it is now technically socialist..still many many communist this case, how about a few small dishes from the late Chairman Mao's hometown? He grew up in Chengdu province and they have fabulous food!

              3. re: guest

                sugar, lumps of fat, vodka from the bottle and boiled cabbage as a special treat.

              4. Cuban tapas, Chinese dim sum, Vietnamese spring rolls, Russian blinis for appetizers. All served, naturally, on little red plates! :)

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                1. re: mingerspice

                  No caviar with the blinis... ;-)

                  1. re: mingerspice

                    Maybe little red plates with little yellow stars (biscuits/blinis cut with a cookiecutter)?

                    1. re: nooodles

                      I throw 2 "communist" parties a year.

                      The first is a Mojito Party around the summer solstice. We have Cuban food.

                      The other is called the "Russian Party". We have it on December 21'st(Longest night of the year). We drink ice cold Vodka as we sit around the coal fire. I also turn off the heat in the house. We play one cd of depressing musice from the 40's. I serve Borsht from an Iron Kettle and have some perogies in crock pot.

                      We tell deprssing stories and get smashed!



                      1. re: nooodles

               could use starfruit as a garnish on the red plates!