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Apr 22, 2005 04:19 PM

horseradish - losing its bite

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I made a horseradish cream veloute once and it was excellent. The last two times I've made it, there wasn't the "bite" that I was looking for from the sauce. Once thing that I might have done differently was that I simmerred the horseradish (prepared hot, and then fresh grated the second time) in the sauce for a while before serving. I'm starting to think that I should just make the veloute, then add the horseradish at the end. It seems to lose its flavor after simmering. Any similar experiences? I'm not sure what chemical gives the horseradish its flavor.

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  1. Heat definately affects the "hotness" of horseradish. When we did the "company" version of horseradish sauce for the Viennese boiled beef meal the grannies always simmered it with some water, vinegar & sugar to take the edge off. For the chowhounds on their own, we just mixed it straight with no heat.

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      Good to know - I will never serve bland horseradish veloute again!!!