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Apr 22, 2005 11:44 AM

Sparkling Wine and Lobster

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Looking for a nice, reasonably priced sparkling wine to accompany steamed lobster with butter. Can anyone suggest one? I would also greatly appreciate any suggestions for an accompanying salad/antipasta type dish. TIA!!!

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  1. Try any of the Spanish cava's (Spanish version of champagne) they are inexpensive ($8-12) and the majority happen to be very good. (Except for Freixenet, which I don't care for)

    1. I like roderer estates.. not too expensive, crisp, dry. but honestly, if you are going to the expense of lobster, why not have decent bubbly to accompany??

      as for an appetizer, how about steamed/chilled asparagas wrapped with proscuitto? or an steamed/chilled artichoke with an aioli... or a nice blended soup?

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        Please discuss food and wine pairings on General Topics. This discussion is primarily for swapping recipes and discussing cooking, cooking equipment and cook books.