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Apr 22, 2005 07:54 AM

Jazz up that lowly can of tuna - Your best, tastiest ideas

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a tasty way to have tuna. please post your ideas.

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  1. Mix with chickpeas, diced red pepper, minced garlic, chopped parsley, a swish of olive oil and of champagne vinegar. It makes a nice and healthy salad. My friend likes to add diced onion to hers, but I don't like the taste of raw onion.

    1. There were some great posts earlier about tuna ( and egg) salads. Unfortunately, I don't know how to post an older thread for you to look at. I looked at the home cooking board, and the posts were in early February. Take a look, you will find some good ideas- or m aybe a more computer savvy chowhound can post the link:}

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        Here is a recent thread. You can do a control + f search for "tuna" and it will come up.


      2. Mix with finely minced onion, capers, hot sauce of your choice and dijon. Form into a patty and bake or grill until the outside is crisp. Serve with a chipotle aoili either on a plate or as a sandwich

        1. Make a tonnato sauce and serve over thinly sliced chicken breast, pork or veal.

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            I second this, it is so very good. I could eat tonnato as a chilled soup!

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              It's also nice as a salad dressing. I usually make it when I have leftover veal or pork roast.

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              Also good on turkey.

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              sally from LA

              Marcella Hazan has a recipe for a simple tuna spread that is surprisingly tasty on fresh,crusty bread. I'm at work, so I don't have my book at hand, but I remember it uses tuna packed in olive oil, capers, lemon juice, butter, and possibly parsley...

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                She also has a recipe for an uncooked pasta sauce with canned tuna, cream, raw egg and parsley. Unbelievably good (but I might be forgetting an ingridient or two)

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                  i used to make this all the time for a little canape at dinner lemon and no parsley specified. basically, it's a 6 oz can of italian tuna, a stick of softened butter, about 3tbs capers, salt and pepper. put it all in a cuisnart and there you go. it's so delicious, just don't tell anyone how much butter is in it! i loved when there was some left over (rarely) and i would have it cold from the refrig on a toasted bagel the next morning.