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Jazz up that lowly can of tuna - Your best, tastiest ideas

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a tasty way to have tuna. please post your ideas.

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  1. Mix with chickpeas, diced red pepper, minced garlic, chopped parsley, a swish of olive oil and of champagne vinegar. It makes a nice and healthy salad. My friend likes to add diced onion to hers, but I don't like the taste of raw onion.

    1. There were some great posts earlier about tuna ( and egg) salads. Unfortunately, I don't know how to post an older thread for you to look at. I looked at the home cooking board, and the posts were in early February. Take a look, you will find some good ideas- or m aybe a more computer savvy chowhound can post the link:}

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        Here is a recent thread. You can do a control + f search for "tuna" and it will come up.

        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

      2. Mix with finely minced onion, capers, hot sauce of your choice and dijon. Form into a patty and bake or grill until the outside is crisp. Serve with a chipotle aoili either on a plate or as a sandwich

        1. Make a tonnato sauce and serve over thinly sliced chicken breast, pork or veal.

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            I second this, it is so very good. I could eat tonnato as a chilled soup!

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              It's also nice as a salad dressing. I usually make it when I have leftover veal or pork roast.

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              Also good on turkey.

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              sally from LA

              Marcella Hazan has a recipe for a simple tuna spread that is surprisingly tasty on fresh,crusty bread. I'm at work, so I don't have my book at hand, but I remember it uses tuna packed in olive oil, capers, lemon juice, butter, and possibly parsley...

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                She also has a recipe for an uncooked pasta sauce with canned tuna, cream, raw egg and parsley. Unbelievably good (but I might be forgetting an ingridient or two)

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                  i used to make this all the time for a little canape at dinner parties....no lemon and no parsley specified. basically, it's a 6 oz can of italian tuna, a stick of softened butter, about 3tbs capers, salt and pepper. put it all in a cuisnart and there you go. it's so delicious, just don't tell anyone how much butter is in it! i loved when there was some left over (rarely) and i would have it cold from the refrig on a toasted bagel the next morning.

                2. I used to use it in a variation on linguini with clams (my ex was allergic to shellfish): saute green onions, garlic, mushrooms and finely chopped fresh basil in butter, add white wine and a little chicken broth, stir in tuna, season with salt and pepper, heat gently and saute over low heat for about five minutes, garnish with parsley, and serve over al dente linguini. Surprisingly tasty, (use high quality tuna), inexpensive and about as easy as dinner can be. A hit with children; it also makes a good, easy campstove dinner.

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                    I make something similar but use peas instead of mushrooms.

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                      yes, actually, I did sometimes add peas, either in addition to or in place of the mushrooms.

                      And I know it is improper from an (Italian) authenticity standpoint, but sometimes I would also grate fresh parmesan over before serving. Sort of a 'tuna casserole' in a spagetti bowl theme....

                      btw, this dish is also a good one for the house buyers looking for budget meals...

                  2. Adding some minced red onions and capers makes a delicious tuna salad - no need for mayo.

                    1. How about tuna loaf? Add diced onion, diced roasted red pepper, diced celery, chopped parsely, bread crumbs,juice of one lemon,1 egg and 1/2 can cream of celery soup,plenty of fresh ground pepper, 1/2 tea. salt, and 1 can of good quality tuna, --mix together and form into a loaf, bake about 40 min. in a 375 degree oven and serve with a dill chive sour cream sauce. Yum!

                      1. nothing fancy but the ingredients are always on hand -- 3 cans drained, flaked tuna, 3 eggs, about 3/4 c bread crumbs, one onion (chopped), salt and pepper, mix well, form into patties (i make about 12), brown in hot oil for a few minutes on each side. i prefer these little tuna cakes room temperature or even cold.

                        1. Not sure if this was said before in this thread - but I like to add some creole mustard to it when i make tuna salad - about half the mayo I would normally use plus some spicy creaole mustard. Mmmm. Usually sweet onions if I have them, or just regular onions. A touch of creole seasoning...

                          Then a spritz of fresh lemon juice on the spread onto the sandwich just before eating.

                          1. I like to use imported tuna, those little cans packed in olive oil, and put it all in a bowl with a few tablespoons of ground flax seed. It soaks up the oil and gives you a lot of fiber, and it's tasty just plain like that.

                            1. Instead of pork, use canned tuna in Kimchi Jjigae, a spicy Korean stew. No need to add until you add the kimchi.