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Apr 21, 2005 03:42 PM

Bok Choi

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Just a fun write up on Bok Choi--thought it could help everyone coast to Friday! Enjoy


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  1. I LOVE bok choy! Your post and the blog made me laugh so hard because I do the same obsessive thing! When I was at the Slanted Door in San Fran., the nice bartender got me a half order of the bok choy lunch every time I went in (3x in 2 weeks) and this was in addition to my ordering a regular lunch. There is also a local restaurant where I live and wnenever I get the Bento Box, they make sure that one of the compartments has steamed baby bok choy - YUM!
    I have also reacted like this with grilled asparagus (I mean, for months on end!) and sauteed endive (still addicted to this one!)
    Weird how things happen. I just think that it must be something that your body needs.
    Also, I keep some duck fat in the fridge and sautee or grill some of my favorite veggies in it :)

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      You know your writing is successful when it resonates with strangers.

      Past obsessions of mine include polenta, chickpeas, eggplant, and the morning star immitation ground beef.

      (And I would totally do a bok choy battle if I were in the same time zone as you).