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Apr 21, 2005 01:38 PM

help with shirred eggs

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i need chowhounders consultation.

first time making shirred eggs this week. started with ina garten's recipe in her new paris book. it's a very tasty recipe, i can tell. but i think her temperature may be off. she says to broil cream and butter until hot and bubbly (6" from broiler), about 3 mins. then add the eggs & herb mixture and broil another 5 to 6 minutes, until the whites of the eggs are almost cooked.

when i do this, the whites are cooking faster than the yolks are. so i end up with uncooked white and overcooked yolk. this morning, i tried at 400 degrees instead of broiler and they're still not right.

my goal: a white that's cooked but still a little loose and a yolk that's runny when you pop it so that you can sop it up with a killer piece of toast. any advice from shirred egg veterans?


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  1. Not familiar with this recipe and a little confused because you say the whites are cooking faster than the yolks but then you say the yolks are overcooked and the whites uncooked. From my own experience baking eggs, when the dish is too large the yolks cook too fast because they stick up out of the whites and cream. You want the yolks nearly submerged in the whites and cream mixture so that by the time the whites are nearly set the yolk has barely started to firm. Hope that helps.

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      oooohhh. that does help. i'll give that a try. you're right, i was confusing. i edited my post wrong. let me clarify: the yolks are overcooking and the whites are undercooked (not nicely so, but still runny and clear to some extent).