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Apr 21, 2005 09:10 AM

KITCHEN GAS RANGES: need recommendations

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am starting to shop as part of a kitchen remodel. have room for a 30 inch 4 burner gas range. have you bought a particular brand/model in the past 3 years that you are VERY happy with. does your range include a self cleaning convection oven??

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  1. I'm doing the same thing and need a 30" gas range with self cleaning convection oven as well.

    What price range are you thinking of?

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      mark grossman

      i'm guessing we're talking $700 and up for a good range. am anxious to hear from folks who are satisfied with thirs based on actual hands on experience.

    2. I got a GE Profile gas range about a month ago. LOVE IT. No convection oven though. It has a simmer burner and a fast boil burner, plus it's pretty - gray grates instead of black. Interesting grate design - two grates cover two burners each, with a grate in the middle so it's a nice even surface. You can see it on the GE Web site, Model #JGB900. By the way, I got the floor model at Best Buy and saved $400. The list price is around $1,000. This replaced my 1972 Harvest Gold model which I've been using for 17 years. What a difference.

      1. I bought a new range about 9 months ago. Did lots of research and shopping and ended up getting a Kenmore Ultra Bake-Triple Task 30 in. gas range. Yes Kenmore- I too wasn't sure about that, but it isn't made by Sears and is also one of the few ranges still made in America. It's stainless and black, a real beauty but even better, it cooks like a dream. I really love it. It has 2 very high output gas burners and 1 true simmer burner. Another great feature is that it has a 2nd. electric oven--which can be used as an extra oven or also as a warming drawer. It has really come in handy during the Holidays and big family gatherings. I cook a lot and use it many times a day. Self-cleaning yes, but not convection--I didn't want that. Having both a gas and electric oven I feel gives me the best of 2 worlds for baking. Cost was about $1100, but had a $100. dollar rebate and another hundred for opening a Sears charge. Look into it, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at all the high-end features you get for a modest price. Please report back and let us know what you end up with.

        1. This website is fantastic and should answer any questions you have about ranges. You can read the postings or contribute your own. From reading these postings I have decided on either getting a Bluestar or a DCS, but both these ranges are much more expensive then eithre a Sears or GE.


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            This is a great site--I used it a lot in my research as well. Also, consumer reports can help as well. Have fun in your search!

          2. i got the ge profile dual fuel in black and love it! i hadn't had a gas range before. i was replacing a thermador electric range with convection oven and wanted to stay with convection. i'm very happy with the ge dual fuel. the range top is easy to clean,and to keep clean. the grates are very sturdy (i looked at the kenmore, the grates looked flimsy to me, and the oven was small) it has the power burner and the simmer burner too.

            good luck with your purchase!