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Apr 21, 2005 08:44 AM

overcooked roast beef?

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I made a prime rib- which some off was overcooked- or medium- which is way overcooked for us. What can I do with the leftovers to make it palatable?

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  1. slice it up thin and make a very high-class cheesesteak or french dip.

    You could also crock pot it into soup, stew, italian beef etc. but some may consider that inappropriate for such a high quality cut of meat.

    Whatever you do with it is better than letting it go to waste IMHO.

    1. I suggest this all the time when people have leftover cooked beef but since you got few responses... how about a thai/vietnamese style beef salad? I don't know for sure, but wonder if the acid in the dressing and letting it sit for a while would improve the beef. Could make it mushy though, just not sure.

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        I was broiling a steak last night for a vietnamese salad when Berlusconi came on the TV announcing his resignation. I forgot about the steak, and by the time I got away from Berlusconi, it was well done, instead of medium rare. So add my expensive, ruined steak to his list of errors. I tried to proceed as planned, but two things made a difference:

        The cooked texture was almost impossible to thin slicely. And you need those thin slices to really meld and intertwine with the salad. It was kind of like a salad with chunks of meat on top.

        Secondly, the taste is just so different. I missed the tender fresh taste of just-seared meat.

        I was kind of improvising on Nigella Lawson's sweet-hot vietnamese steak salad:

        2TBS fish sauce, 2TBS lemon juice, 1tsp sugar, finely sliced shallot, minced ginger, mixed and poured over thinly sliced, med-rare steak, tossed with arugula.

        The left-overs worked quite well with buckwheat noodles the next day for lunch, but would have been better if the meat wasn't so damn overdone! Next time...

      2. Roast beef hash! Open-faced roast beef sandwiches, on white bread with brown gravy and mashed potatoes and green beeans!

        1. Without a doubt, roast beef hash.

          1. Well, i agree with the hash idea. But you could also shred it and make B-B-Q beef sandwiches.