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Apr 20, 2005 04:28 PM

Need some quick suggestions

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I have some very good smoked chops to grill for dinner tonight, I need some low carb suggestions for sides. I am just drawing a blank. I have an upper respiratory infection that is making me miserable, it is 80F here and my air conditioning just died which is really uncomfortable with the temperature spikes I keep getting.
Someone please give me some inspriation. I don't mind going to the store. TIA Candy

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  1. Steam some cauliflower in a little chicken broth. Mash and mix with Laughing Cow light cheese.

    1. Throw some sliced onions with a little balsamic, evoo and pepper in a foil packet on the grill, turning occasionally until they are caramelized.

      Slice some endive in half and grill (You may need to skewer it to keep the leaves together) and char a bit. When grilled to your satisfaction serve over the onions with a healthy sprinkling of good blue cheese and some more balsamic. Be sure to add the cheese when the endive is still warm so it melts a bit.

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        Thanks, that sounds good. I'm off to the store for endive.

        1. re: Candy

          Let us know how things turned out

          1. re: AimeeP

            It was quite tasty, I used aged sherry vinegar instead of balsamic, I get tired of balsamic everywhere. My DH really liked it a lot and said I could make that again any time. Right now I am not areal good judge of flavors, the URI is making many things taste sweet to me. But, we will definitely be having that again.

      2. What about some sauted apple slices in butter with sage?