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Apr 20, 2005 03:04 PM

Marcella's "Essentials"

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Finally got Marcella Hazan's Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. Now I'd like your input on what to start cooking!!! What have you people made from the book that turned out just as it should, what do you suggest I start with? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

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  1. I'm sure everyone will agree with me when I say it's super hard to go wrong with her recipes, but to start with you might want to try any of her tomato sauces and/or her roast chicken with lemon. The thing with her recipes is that she explains everything. If you follow her instructions, you're likely to get a good result even the first time you try a new recipe. And that's really not the case with most cookery writers.

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      But DO follow her every instruction, every jot and tittle, the first time round.

      If you don't, don't complain.

      Her recipes are not meant to be experienced as mere inspirations until they have been mastered first. Then, you are free to be inspired.

    2. any one of the soup recipes, esp. the minestrone and the spinach/escarole & rice soup. pork braised in milk. risi e bisi. risotto milanese.

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        There was a great thread on this book not too long ago. Here is the link. Should give you tons of ideas!