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Apr 20, 2005 11:49 AM

chinese chicken soup

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The best chicken soup i ever had was at a restaurant in monterey park. i think it was a double soup but i have never been able to duplicate the flavor of pure chicken. any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. What did you taste in the soup?

    When I make a Chinese chicken stock, I'd use chicken, ginger and black mushrooms.

    Also, really strong chicken flavor can be achieved by "doubling" up. You can make a stock, and then use that liquid to cook another chicken.

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    1. re: Wendy Lai

      You should also use a very fatty chicken. I've never been able to make a good stock with chicken from a regular supermarket. Head to a 99 Ranch or a small Asian butcher and ask them what to use.

      Sometimes my mom uses a whole chicken and several pounds of chicken bones that butchers sell.

      The flavor that you liked could be anything. Wendy's right about the basic ingredients, but there could be small amounts of any number of Chinese herbs. Maybe giving the name of the restaurant and the dish would help?

      1. re: Wendy Lai

        In additiion to ginger and black mushrooms, I add some white wine or good sherry and a stalk or 2 of green onion. Also, if you can find some chicken feet to throw in...

      2. If the soup is called something like double boil/cooked chicken soup. Wendy given you a good recipe but here is my two cents.

        You first cook in a large pot a rich chicken broth. You will have left over broth which you can use for a later date

        Lost of chickne bones
        chicken feet with the toes nail removed (I do not know why but my Mother also made trim them off)
        peeled ginger
        rough cut onions
        rough cut carrot
        rough cut turnip (Chinese Lo Bak)
        rough cut celery
        salt and white to taste

        Peel the carrots and turnip before cutting up. Slow cook this broth for at least four hours. You should have a very rich broth. For a more ginger flavor you can char the ginger over a open flame before adding to the pot.

        Then in a covered earthen pot with a fairly tight lid you place this broth with a whole chicken, shitake mushrooms and Chinese herbs os your choice add the broth to almost full cover and then place in a large pot with a platform to keep the pot off the bottom. Then add water and simmer in the pot for a couple of hours and you will have double cooked chicken soup. You will need to check the pot to make sure that it does not dry out.

        If you want to have a "healthy" soup use a silky or black chicken.

        It is a lot of work so normally I have it out. It can take serveral hours, but it is worth it.