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Apr 20, 2005 09:56 AM

Low Carb Bread Recipe

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Is there any way to make a low carb bread that does not come out heavy?

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  1. You might want to check out the recipes from "Blaine's Low Carb Kitchen" - see link below.

    I'm not sure whether he has one for bread or not, but I have made the ricotta gnocchi (using all soy flour, not the soy/wheat flour combo in the recipe) and also the Lemon Pound Cake, and was very impressed with both the taste and the texture. Much better than things I've made from the Atkins cookbooks.


    1. There isn't really low carb bread, there's "high fiber-low net carbs" bread, if that's what you mean. I used to make that kind of bread often (now I just buy Milton's in the red label from Trader Joes).

      I used all whole wheat flour. Some people do 50% whole wheat and 50% bread flour to make it less dense than 100% whole wheat, but it didn't meet my fiber % criteria. Sometimes I substituted about a quarter of the flour with ground flaxseed meal and/or oat bran. I think I remember the more flaxseed you used, the more "bitter" the taste and denser the bread but higher the fiber.

      Most importantly, you need to add "vital wheat gluten" (available from health food stores, though my new Safeway carries it).

      I'm sorry I don't have my own recipe anymore. I used a bread machine (which I've since given away along with the recipe book, which had my adjusted amounts).

      Bob's Red Mill website has tons of recipes, but they sometimes need minor to major tweaking, especially if you don't use their "Baking Mix" line of products.

      Here is their 100% whole wheat bread machine recipe. I don't know why the option to make it a link below wouldn't work, so here's the addres:

      I haven't tried it (I gave away my bread machine before I discovered this recipe), but I hope it helps you.