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Apr 19, 2005 05:41 PM

salad for grilled steak

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looking for a salad to accompany some grilled steaks...something besides the usual Cesar or grilled corn salads


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  1. Eggs, Suggestion: Go to your best produce market and find a batch of yellow beets. Chop of the greens and peal the beets. Place them in a small roasting pan and fill with chicken stock to almost cover the beets. Bake covered for 1 hour at 325 degrees. Cool, and then slice the beets razer thin and place in a glass bowl. Take 1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil and mix with 2 pressed cloves of garlic. Place uncut Romaine lettuce leaves on large individual salad plates, drizzle them lightly with olive oil, then place beet slices over romaine and dust with fresh grated parmesean. Enjoy!

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      That sounds so very nice. Thanks for the post!

    2. Not sure how you feel about using your steak IN the salad, but I had a rather plain cut of sirloin the other day and used it in a grilled salad (pic below).

      I basically grilled small carrots, sliced zucchini, and scallions along w/ the steak. This was all placed atop a bed of mixed hearty greens w/ some cherry tomatoes. Dressing was a balsamic vinaigrette of EVOO, lemon juice, balsamic, shallots, dijon, pinch sugar, S&P.

      Even if you don't serve it all together like I did, I say take advantage of the grill and do some sort of grilled salad. Grilled prosciutto-wrapped radicchio (Treviso variety) dressed in a balsamic reduction could be tasty, for a more decadent "salad."


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        that picture is making my mouth water...I know what I'm having for dinner tonight!!

      2. I usually like to have a french style salad with my steaks. Something like a frisee aux lardons or even some mixed greens or mache very lightly dressed with a vinagrette.

        1. Go steakhouse style and serve a wedge salad with grape tomatoes, crisp pancetta bits and a good bleu cheese dressing.

          1. Grilled steak = arugula with lemon + parmigiano.