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Favorite chocolate & raspberry recipes?

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Have a friend who loves the combination and would like to make her something special for her bday.


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  1. you can go simple--in a double boiler, melt some chopped dark chocolate and a tablespoon of butter or shortening until smooth. and let cool until it isn't runny, but falls from the spoon in a slow steady stream. dollop/pour a teaspoon full onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, and add a fresh raspberry (stem/hole side down) atop this little mound. let dry. repeat with as many as you need. these bonbons are really good.

    alternatively, you can use these as a garnish for a chocolate raspberry torte. bake two chocolate cakes (9 inches)and trim and brush with raspberry glaze (you may want to strain the glaze through a sieve to get rid of seeds and add some chambord). add a layer of stiffly beaten whipped cream mixed with pureed raspberries (swirl them for visual effect or mix completely for a pink hue)and a single layer of fresh raspberries. sprinkle on some grated dark chocolate. add the second layer of cake. you can go with a ganache for a sexy sheen and top decoratively with more raspberries. or you can repeat the previous step for a more rustic looking cake.

    also...dark chocolate mousse with raspberry puree (don't forget the chambord) and fresh raspberries is also quite good...and a little less complicated :)

    1. well, this isn't "special" but it is certainly one of my faves. and i like to keep them in the fridge and eat them chilled. to make it even easier than it already is, i do it all in the food processor. it is originally from "cooking light" mag but since you have to subscribe to access their archive, i found it elsewhere. it's the 2nd recipe down...enjoy!

      Link: http://www.turtletrack.org/Issues04/C...

      1. The best ever chocolate-raspberry dessert I've ever made is the Chocolate Damnation from Michel Desaulnier's Trellis cookbook. I don't have the book handy but this is what it isin a nutshell: first layer is a chocolate cheesecake in chocolate cookie crust. Frost lightly with raspberry coulis. Next layer is a single chocoate layer, split horizontally, frosted lightly with raspberry coulis and filled with chocolate mousse. Frost top half with raspberry coulis. Refrigerate to firm up mousse and coulis. Frost entire cake with chocolate ganache. Garnish with raspberries. Absolutely decadent, and a very special birthday treat.

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          Found the recipe online! It's time consuming, but the rsult is worth it.

          Link: http://food4.epicurious.com/HyperNews...

        2. I have not tried this but it looks intriguing, and it was included in a Best of Gourmet collection. I have another recipe at home that includes raspberry preserves in the chocolate cake batter, both the flavour & texture are great.

          Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

          1. Make your best chocolate layer cake, using coffee and a dash of cinnamon.

            Slather the layers with a mixture of your best rasberry preserves thinned with Cointreau and rum. Make this a few hours in advance to let the booze really sink in.

            I like a plain cream cheese frosting, but I like the other hound's rasberry cream idea better.

            1. I like a raspberry/chocolate dacquoise. Make disks of meringue into which you have folded either cocoa or (my preference) grated bitter chocolate. Bake on low until crisp. Spread each disk with dark tempered chocolate.

              Now make a raspberry buttercream - a traditional Swiss buttercream flavored with raspberry puree. Using a large star tip, pipe the buttercream around the outside edge of half the disks. Fill the centers with freshly whipped unsweetened cream and a couple whole raspberries. The top with the other disk, chocolate side in. Pipe a rosette of buttercream on the top, and place a raspberry in the rosettes, along with a shard of chocolate if you like.

              Many steps, but all pretty straightforward. Very elegant, and not many people serve dacquoise anymore, so it would something a little different. The buttercream can be made up to a week ahead, or more if you freeze, and the meringues will sit for a few days if the climate is dry. But you do have to assemble with an hour or two of eating.

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                How dry are your meringue disks; slightly tacky inside, or very brittle? Either way, isn't it very hard to slice nicely?

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                  Brittle. Though some people do make one big dacquoise and then slice it, it is very difficult to slice. That's why I make individual-sized portions. A disk about 3 inches across is good.

              2. Just to add to this list...there was a raspberry chocolate tart in Bon Appetit (not that long ago). It was a choc crumb crust....filling with marscapone and cream and topped entirely with fresh raspberries. Not all that difficult to make and looked very pretty with a drizzle of melted rasp jelly over top and served with some choc curls etc. Now, after all this, I thought I had the recipe at my fingertips, but sorry I can't find it...maybe someone else can help you out with it, or you can locate it on-line! I'll keep looking too!

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                  Check epicurious.com under Raspberry Chocolate Tart...in Bon Appetit August 2003...how time flies!! Take heed of the review comments for best results!