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Apr 18, 2005 05:36 PM

blackstrap molasses for dark

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Has anyone tried using blackstrap in place of dark molasses in cakes? I want to try the Claudia Fleming GT gingerbread, but can't bring myself to buy dark molasses.

- 1 cup dark for 1/2 cup blackstrap and 1/2 cup brown sugar

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  1. I've always used blackstrap for dark in recipes and it has come out fine. of course, it's more intense in flavor and i prefer things just shy of sweet (as opposed to cloyingly so). i love it in gingerbread.

    1. As a general rule, blackstrap can be sub for dark 1:1.

      Keep in mind that the cake is less sweet than many others.

      1. After checking out some of the Amish food sites, this question jogged my curiousity. What is the difference between Sorghum and Molasses?

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          Sorghum syrup is made from the stalks of sorghum. Molasses is made from sugar cane. Sorghum syrup has more frequent problems with bitterness and weird colors than molasses, but there are those who love it.

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            Thanks, I will stick to molasses unless I just happen to trip over a jar of Sorghum in my travels.

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              Pure sorghum syrup comes from the juice of sweet sorghum cane. Molasses does come from sugar cane, but after the crystallized sugar has been removed. Sorghum is sweeter than molasses. Because the process of producing pure sorghum syrup takes a great deal of time, there are a lot of blended sorghum syrups, thus the flavor changes. Color of the sorghum depends on what part of the country it was made in. Here in Iowa our sorghum syrup is darker due to the fact we have rich black dirt.


          2. I made the Claudia Fleming Gingerbread this past weekend using Blackstrap Molasses. I actually didn't intend to use Blackstrap but I didn't notice till I got home that that was what I had picked up.

            The cake turned out beautifully though, although the Blackstrap gave it quite a strong flavour, almost a wee bit liqorice like. To counterbalance though I served it with a whisky butterscotch sauce and thick cream and the contrast was delectable.