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Apr 18, 2005 03:38 PM

Sage and Asparagus?

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An asparagus recipe calls for basil but all I have is sage. Anyone have an idea if these two flavors work together?


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  1. Kinda depends on the recipe, but sage is one of those herbs that I only use sparingly and selectively. It's mentholy, woodsy flavor is very different from basil, and I don't think I'd personally care for asparagus w/ sage. I prefer asparagus w/ dill or tarragon.

    1. Doesn't strike me as a match made in heaven, but who knows? It'll definitely taste very different than basil. One trick with sage is to fry it until it's crispy, that softens the flavor a bit (in fact it's delicious to eat straight when fried).

      1. fresh or dried? dried, i wouldn't go with it. but fresh could work. i agree with carb lover, use it sparingly. in fact, the prior post about crisping it up sounds perfect--fry whole leaves and crumble over cooked asparagus. parmigiano wouldn't hurt either.

        1. Sage works well with pancetta and bacon, whcih both work well with asparagus, so it possibly could work. give it a shot