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Apr 17, 2005 11:06 AM

When oh when will asparagus

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be available at the Union Square Greenmarket???

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  1. I don't know where NYC gets its asparagus from, but we're a month into the season in California. Nonethless, it seems to heve been slow getting to the Ferry Building Farmers' Market, according to this SFist article. Perhaps the early crop is bespoke by the Chinese markets and restaurants (some people gotta have their asparagus beef NOW!) or maybe the "naturganic" variety just takes longer to mature.


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    1. re: Gary Soup

      I have asparagus in my garden (SF Bay Area) and they were slow getting started due to the cool weather...pretty good for the past week or so. Now with warmer weather, should be better. I think the So Cal rains slopped things up a bit.

    2. It usually isn't available until early May. This warm spell the last week will have local asparagus bursting out of the ground.

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      1. re: The Rogue

        You are right - my asparagus garden is loving the weather. Had to put a fence up this weekend as one of my dogs is fond of the tender shoots.

      2. I just found out that one of the vendors had a small amount of asparagus yesterday. So it will be readily available in the next week. And ramps are in.

        1. I'm also on the asparagus watch! Are we desperate or what?
          According to Lucy's greenmarket report, there WAS asparagus @ Union Square early Saturday morning.
          Also, a small consolation is that Mr. Bishop already is selling ramps... He was there on Wednesday and they're small and expensive but they're good and it's spring.

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          1. re: Mar a

            One of the vendors--is it Cherry Hill? the ones who had the zucchini blossoms on Saturday--said three days in a row of 70-80 degree weather would do it for the asparagus. So I'm hoping for Wednesday....

          2. i asked this very question at the greenmarket on saturday. i too heard the rumors of early asparagus, but saw no signs on saturday (arrived too late, i guess). the greenmarket man told me that, while some may have early asparagus, the "asparagus lady" predicts her crop to come in around may 20.