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Apr 16, 2005 01:09 AM

Sex and the Kitchen Recipe Website

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The Chef at a restaurant I ate at tonight has this fun website. It covers a few topics people have asked about before like
- what to eat while taking a bubble bath
- valentines day selections (well, next year)
- romantic dinners

The recipes are followed by suggestions on how to make the meal more romantic ... what flowers and music to play ... etc.

For a Herb Roasted Chicken (in the love notes link called eating with your fingers) the chef says

"You never thought chicken was sexy? Think again! ...

This meal is best eaten in close proximity to your lover... pillows on the floor would be a perfect setting. Tear the flesh from the chicken and feed it to each other with slippery fingers. Alternate chicken with fruit, and savor the salty crunch of an almond after a sweet slice of mango. Let the juices run down your arms, and enjoy the moment."

And ... you have just gotta read the peek-a-boo section. It may make me rethink my general aversion to cooking.

There are some nice recipes and the chef reminds us that "food, like sex, should be enjoyed with wild abandon or not at all".


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  1. Krys, I agree this is an incredibly fun site ;-)). I've even printed out all the recipes and have them in a folder for easy reference.

    A word of caution, though. Almost every recipe sounds terribly seductive and has one salivating in anticipation (for more things than food in some cases ). Not all the recipes work as written. Some of the amounts are off - usually erring on the side of being too little - and some of the dishes turned out flat and bland. Not where the flavor was subtle, but plain bland. Luckily, however, the recipes are pretty easy to adjust and allow you some room to add your own creative touches.

    The strawberry fig jam with brie has a deep, plush mouth feel and is equally good on toast or your human partner. Red wine and some balsamic vinegar added depth and dimension and are not original ingredients in the recipe.

    1. I'd rather visit a good porn site.

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      1. re: 2chez mike

        You will if you go to Sex *in* the Kitchen rather than Sex *and* the Kitchen.

        I accidentally discovered this (the hard way) when looking for the food site.

        1. re: Gayla

          Thanks for the tip. ;-) However, when I googled "Sex In The Kitchen" I just got back alot of R.Kelly lyrics.

          It's worth singing about.

          1. re: 2chez mik

            I think the TV food channel is ready for a new show.