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Grilled cheese recipes

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Hey Everyone,

I've gotten on a grilled cheese kick and am looking for upscale recipes, things like brushing the bread that touches the hotplate with olive oil before cooking, use goat cheese and aspargus for the filling; etc.

Anyone have any tasty recipes?


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  1. One of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I've had was made with Stilton blue cheese, served with pear slices on the side.

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      A trio of cheeses, cheddar, Swiss and

      Pepper Jack, on grilled thick sourdough bread

      seasoned with parmesan cheese. A placeintownserves this anditisgreat!

    2. I had a great sandwich a few months ago. It was manchego cheese with ripe comice pear on walnut bread drizzled with honey. It wasn't grilled, but I think grilling would only make it better.

      1. I don't know if this comes under the heading of "upscale" but the following is my favorite version of a grilled cheese sandwich. Everyone I've ever made one for in my lifetime has swooned!!!

        I start out by frying an onion until it carmelizes. Set the onion aside. Use any kind of cheese you prefer and any kind of bread you like. I always use a nice dense whole wheat bread that was either homemade or from a bakery rather than the supermarket. Butter the outside of both slices of bread and also melt a little butter in a pan, and slowly, on medium to low heat, brown both sides of the sandwich. Doing it slowly ensures that the cheese will be melted all the way through.

        When the cheese is thoroughly melted and the bread is nicely browned on both sides, remove from pan and open the sandwich and place the onions on the sandwich. Slice a beautiful juicy ripe red tomato and place on the sandwich before closing it up. I NEVER grill the sandwich with the tomato already on the sandwich because it makes the tomatoe gooey (yuck!). By waiting till the end to put the tomato inside, you get a big juicy squirt of tomato with every bite.

        This grilled cheese sandwich is heaven on earth.

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          Laughing Goddess

          Or check out Marlena Speiler's "Grilled Cheese, 50 Recipes to Make You Melt." The food-porn cover alone is worth the cost of the book. :-)

          Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/08118...

          1. Brush the bread that touches the hot plate with MORE CHEESE before cooking! Browned cheese on the outside of the sandwich..mmmmmmmmmm.

            1. Swiss/emmenthaler with ham and sliced pears.The cheese with the sweet and salty works well.

              I've also had havarti with mango chutney and field greens at a cafe that was great.

              Just don't forget the fruit combinations, since fruit goes so well with cheese. Like sliced figs with balsamic, prosciutto and either a blue cheese or some mozzarella on a tramezzini, pesto or quince spread with manchego, etc.

              It's more satisfying than classy, but the italians do something called "mozzarella in carozza", where they put big slices of cow's milk (don't waste di bufala on this) mozzarella between basic white sandwich bread, sort of woodge the edges shut, dredge it in egg and then fry it. Nigella LAwson has an outline in one of her cookbooks. Marvellous - crispy outside and melting on the inside.

              1. I just picked up a new book this weekend totally devoted to Grilled Cheese sandwiches

                Great Grilled Cheese - 50 Innovative Recipes for Stovetop, Grill and Sandwich Maker

                By Laura Werlin (author of the American Cheese & Wine Book)

                Publisher - Stewart, Tambori & Chang

                ISBN - 1-58479-338-4

                There is a discussion in the front of the book about various breads and cheeses as well as different cooking methods. The recipes all look pretty good and are supported by some really inticing photos.

                1. Bacon and cheddar on raisin bread. Got it from Gourmet magazine. Really really good.

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                    Yes, very good. By the way, make extra and freeze. They freeze beautifully and are great to have on hand when you want a warm and nurturing sandwich--now!

                  2. Hi. Do try this... my Grandma's method, and it is delicious. Instead of buttering the bread side which will go on the pan, use a very thin layer of Hellman's/Best Food's mayo. Don't use Miracle Whip. I use medium or sharp cheddar, and, I usually use wheaty bread of some sort. It just adds a delicious flavor, and, watch it, because it can burn. You could fancy up the insides anyway you like, but, the classic is hard to beat.